FILTH PIG was formed by the musician “Filthy Pig” as a Raw Low-Fi Industrial Metal project . He plays all instruments and produces his music in vein of the DIY spirit. FILTH PIG is influenced by 90´s Industrial Metal bands like Ministry, Meat Machine, Godflesh or Nailbomb but there are audible influences of Black Metal and Thrash Metal as well. Youthful Nihilism (Or a Cold Realization of the Anthropomorphic Illusion) is the first Album which was being produced between spring 2015 and summer 2016. This Album is a human reaction to agnosia and the loss of hope and sense. It´s Filthy Pigs way to handle the uncertainty in recognizing the self. Youthful Nihilism (or A Cold Realization of the Anthropomorphic Illusion) was released on September 21st 2016 via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify etc.


Between November 2016 and may 2017 "Filthy Pig" wrote and produced the second output “Mental Dead Ends” which was a new experience for him because It´s his first album without guitars. It´s a symphonic EBM/Dark-electro/Industrial album which is related to Black/Death Metal arrangements. Lyrically "Mental Dead Ends" is mainly about the topic of psychopathology on different levels and his own experiences of drug abuse, depression and suicide. “Mental Dead Ends” will be released and available via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon etc. on July 15, 2017.